About Me

Technology is my whole life. But I wasn’t always a nerd! In school, I had no interest in computers or even in the sciences, but, I realized soon enough that without technology, we would all be helpless. 

I have a tech degree from my community college. While it’s not MIT, it has helped me gain an insight into the world around us and the things we’re innovating all the time. Since the internet and blogging became big, I’ve been writing about technology. My website focuses on all things technology. Everything from a minutiae analysis to a big picture analysis of the need for technology as well as the larger impact of it. 

A basic product review, opinion site alone is not my goal, I’ve been creating content about innovations for the last five years now. Every once in a while, I do come across blogs and writers who are better-informed than I am, and I do my best to make sure that I’m always ahead. It’s not possible to keep up with everything happening in the tech world, which is why I decided on a single focus – software. 

This is a tough niche in handling as there are more experts than actual software. However, my focus is not on reviewing the software or improving it, but, to actually discuss the various uses and hacks of this software.  

Since I’m a software person myself, it is easy for me to be able to take a novice user through the paces and teach you how to set up a new software or take you through the basics of how it works. 

It’s important that we all know how things work. And that is what will ensure that we have a better quality of life as well as be able to work to our full potential! So, happy reading and remember technology is not the villain. It is a great way for us to live in the present times.